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Pure, high-quality Japanese Matcha is dependent on the way it is grown, harvested and processed. My Matcha Life follows traditional Japanese techniques to preserve Matcha's inherent health benefits and is processed in a facility adhering to FSSC 22000 standards. Every batch is independently tested for radiation and heavy metals (certificate of analysis is available). 

Shade-grown, hand-picked, lightly steamed to prevent oxidation, air-dried and stored at zero degrees before being de-stemmed and de-veined, then slowly ground on granite stone mills to a fine emerald green powder. Picked at the first flush of spring utilising only the young, vibrant green leaves. Smooth tasting, indicative of high L-theanine, anti-oxidant and chlorophyll levels.
Nutrient dense as the entire leaf is consumed. Health benefits are comparable to 10 cups of infused green tea (Chinese green tea may also be high in lead).
Benefits of Matcha
Sustained energy: 2-4 hour sustained energy lift, no spike or
Calm clarity: Matcha is natures highest source of L-theanine
with synergistic co-factors in balanced levels.
Anti-aging: Matcha is natures highest source of catechins
(powerful antioxidants) with approximately 3 x higher EGCG
than regular steeped green tea.
Weight management: EGCG catechin produces a natural
thermogenic effect to support metabolism and fat burning.
Blood alkalinity: Supports healthy blood alkalinity via the
chlorophyll content due to shading.
Immune support: EGCG catechin is a zinc ionophore (the
catechin binds to zinc helping it to cross the cell membrane).
Stress support: L-theanine lowers levels of the stress
hormone cortisol.
Blood pressure and cholesterol support: Contains catechins
that suppress the function of the angiotension enzyme (ACE).
 10 Cups Green Tea = 1 Cup Matcha

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