Cardiovascular Support - Varicose Vein formula



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Horse Chestnut - specific actions are; anti-inflammatory, astringent, tonifying and the ability to relaxing blood vessels. Traditionally used for haemorrhoids, bulging veins and swollen ankles.

Hawthorn Berries - specific actions are; relaxant, anti-spasmodic & diuretic. Widely used as a cardiac tonic to assist with peripheral circulation, regulating heartbeat and improving coronary blood flow.

Prickly Ash Bark - a general stimulant tonic, Prickly Ash is traditionally used to restore vascular tone

Gotu Kola - this Ayurvedic herb is commonly used in India for mental and physical fatigue. Gotu Kola is known to improve circulation to the legs and to increase brain capacity.

Ginger - a very old herb listed by the earliest Chinese Herbalists and valued for its use for digestive upsets and colds and chills. Used since Roman times as a carminative (relieving flatulence) antispasmodic and circulatory stimulant.

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