Germs B Ware Natural antibiotic for infections,virus, fungus small 100ml bottle


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KAWAKAWA a powerful blood cleanser traditionally used for boils, skin eruption, persistent infection & rheumatism.

OLIVE LEAF found to be effective against many viral, fungal & bacterial infections and demonstrated to reduce uric acid activity. This may be beneficial for gout and arthritis sufferers (Belgian Pharmacology journal 1994)

ECHINACEA assists in acute auto-infection, blood poisoning and general septic conditions, ulcers and catarrh

ASTRAGALUS known as the King of herbs. Promotes healing & tissue regeneration and raises immunity to Para influenza virus, improves adrenal function & aids in stress reduction
BURDOCK cleansing, diuretic, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbal action. Naturally high in iron, minerals and vitamins this blood purify is an effective traditional remedy for skin eruptions and acne

DANDELION liver and digestive tonic, hepatic & stimulates bile flow. Used for fluid retention, stiff & painful joints, skin eruptions and unlike many diuretics, does not cause potassium loss.

CAYENNE contains capsaicin a potent pain relief agent, flavonois which strengthen blood vessel walls and support better blood flow, vitamin C which strengthen capillaries and cell walls and also assists in the production of haemoglobin in red blood cells.

Kiwikitz™ Germs-B-Ware - Immune Defence & Lymphatic Congestion support is a blend of tasty herbal extracts, selected for their traditional, time proven and more recently, well researched abilities in supporting the immune system towards better health.

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