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Kiwikitz has developed a nutritional blend of traditional herbs as a specific Male Tonic and is recommended for supporting and promoting the following:
Herbal support for normal hormone levels and sperm production
Traditional aphrodisiac herbal action
Tonic for the nervous system
Supporting healthy prostate
Balancing & Normalising the body after physical exertion i.e. supports better recovery
Herbal support for healthy liver & gall bladder (stimulates bile to help fat digestion)


Saw Palmetto (Serenoa serrulata repens also known as Sabal serrulata)
A male tonic high in flavanoids. Western herbal medicine, traditionally prescribe the fruit of Saw Palmetto for sex hormone deficiencies or disorders.

Tribulus commonly known as the ‘puncture vine'
Tribulus leaf is a tonic, indirect androgenic for males and used to enhance fertility. Rich in saponins, so those with Coeliac disease should stay within the recommended dose.

Panax (Korean) & Siberian Ginseng
Prized as an energy giver & male tonic. Ginseng has oestrogenic action with its primary action being adaptogenic i.e. building up the body's strength and resistance. Ginseng assists in balancing and normalizing the body after exposure to physical and emotional stresses and used by athletes to improve concentration and to aid muscles in utilizing the free fatty acids in the blood which reduces the need to rely on glucose and carbohydrate. Chinese have long valued Panax Ginseng as a blood & general body strengthener. Indicated for drug abuse.

Zinc (Zn)
Food sources of zinc are egg yokes, paprika, ginger, ground or dry baked sunflower, pumpkin seeds, liver, oysters & yeast. Low zinc levels may contribute to decreased plasma testosterone, impotence, low sperm count, concentration & memory impairment, loss of taste & smell. Zinc absorption is reduced with excessive calcium intake. Zinc is a valuable addition to this remedy by promoting better male sexual health and for promoting better health of the prostate.

This leaf has many actions but is primarily used as a strengthening tonic for the nervous system and to support better recovery from exhaustion. Damiana has a proven reputation as an aphrodisiac for both male and females.


Favoured Ayurvedic herb used in many Kiwikitz products and prized for its cleansing and antioxidant properties. Turmeric has a beneficial effect on the liver & gall bladder (stimulates bile to help fat digestion) & helps to protect the liver from the effects of pharmaceutical drug medications; menstrual discomfort (stimulates menstruation) and was used traditionally to keep food fresh (antioxidant properties). Turmeric is also shown in a laboratory setting to fight protozoan - which would make this an excellent remedy for dysentery. Turmeric is being investigated for its ability to protect the heart by preventing blood clots that may cause strokes and heart attacks. Turmeric has been included in this blend for it's eclectic health promoting and antioxidant properties

Note: This blend contains caffeine and Panax (Korean) Ginseng, so if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, taking Warfarin or on MAO inhibitor drugs (i.e. antidepressants drugs like phenelzine); are pregnant or lactating, check with your doctor before taking any herbals or supplements including this mix.

Alternative Option Male Tonic recommended for erectile dysfunction by promoting better circulation and to promote better erectile function, testosterone and sperm production.

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