Stress and Anxiety Herbal Formula 100ml


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Kiwikitz™ Stress & Anxiety Herbal Support is recommended for the issues listed above and this mineral rich blend gently supports & beneficially stimulates the nervous system towards better health.

Excellent remedy in conjunction with the Kiwikitz™ D-Stress instant-use drops that can be carried around in handbag or pocket and used as often as required during the day.

Chamomile - soothing/calming, rich in magnesium the feel good mineral

Oatseed - beneficial action on the brain & nervous system/antidepressant/nerve restorative

Nettle -tonic/vitamin & mineral rich supporting emotional stability

Skullcap -relaxing nervous tension/mental & emotional exhaustion

Motherwort - calming/commonly used when experiencing hormonal mood swings

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