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Grapefruit Seed Extract - a non-toxic braod spectrum, antifungal products commonly prescribed by natural health professionals as a primary remedy for chronic candida imbalance.  In laboratory testing, GSE has demonstrated effectiveness against campylobacter jejuni, helicobacter pylori, chlamydia trachomatis, giardia lamblia, herpes simplex virus 1, influenze A2 virus, entamoeba histolytica - even using low concentrations of GSE (Authoritive Guide to GSE by Allan Sachs D.C., C.C.N)

Nettle - antiseptic, anti rheumatic, astringent, blood tonic, diuretic, expectorant, lower blood sugar levels, important source of minerals, clears uric acid. Has been used for infertility.

Cornsilk - soothing diuretic for an irritated, inflamed bladder and urinary tract disorders including prostate problems. Can assist in bed wetting, fluid retention and cystitis. Can be safely used during pregnancy for cystitis.

Dandelion - liver tonic, hepatic and digestive tonic, stimulates bile flow, diuretic and laxative. Often used for chronic skin conditions and arthritis. Good for oedema and fluid retention

Paud'arco - assists with chronic diseases  including candidiasis and used by natural health clinics for malignant tumours, immune dysfunction and cysts. Reputed anti cancer properties and also used as a natural antibiotic.

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