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DONZ Natural OPC Super Anti-oxidant has been manufactured in NZ; has a food export certification and contains quality ingredients listed:  70mg OPC guaranteed 95% proanthocyanidins grapeseed extract, Bioflavanoids - citrus lemon, hesperidin & rutin; Rosehip; Red & Blue Berries Resveratrol; Ester C; Bromelain digestive enzymes; Kelp naturally containing iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium, vitamin A,C,D,E,K,B1,B2,B12, aminos.

The DONZ NATURAL OPC Grape Seed Extract recipe has optimised absorption of the powerful food sourced OPC Grape Seed Extract by including varied bioflavanoids, minerals and other synergising nutrients.  Each capsule contains:70mg of 95% proanthocyanidin standardised grape seed extract per capsule ( 60 capsules per bottle).

Antioxidants – facts and benefits
50 times more powerful than Vitamin E20 times more powerful than Vitamin CPowerful gallic esters are found only in the grape seed
Grape seed antioxidant used as a medicine in France with only grape seed classified as a ‘medical agent’
Textbooks available in France demonstrate a significant range of benefits by using grape seed OPC
Vinotherapy spa treatments use grapes and grape seed specifically as cell rejuvenators, detoxifiers and antioxidants
Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens blood vessel walls and provides connective tissue support (Prof. J. Masquelier)
Lowers the risk of coronary disease by up to 35% (1979 AS Leger ‘French Paradox’ article in Lancet))
Antioxidant activity helps prevent DNA damage
Grape seed extract is used as one of Europe’s leading natural treatments
Antioxidants bond with collagen to promote healthy skin tone and skin health
Simple chemical structure allows OPC to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream unlike many other flavonoids
As grape seed is soluble in both water and oil, it can penetrate the different types of cell membranes therefore providing antioxidant protection throughout the body including the brain by crossing the blood/brain barrier (very few substances are able to do this)
Antioxidants by definition are natural biochemical substances that protect our living cells from free radical damage
Oxidation (by free radicals) is literally decay – antioxidants are the bodies first line of defense
Anti-oxidants are the body’s seek & destroy defense against free radicals by protecting and repairing at a cellular level

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