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Niacin is a powerful vaso-dilator which opens up all blood vessels in particular the peripheral capilliaries. The increased circulation creates extra blood flow to all areas of the body. The resulting higher temperature in the skin brings about an acute release of histamine. This flushing may be alarming to people unused to taking high doses of Niacin. However, the condition lasts for only 5-20 minutes each time and after continued usage the body grows accustomed to this metabolic action and the flushing will cease altogether after several weeks.

There are many additional benefits to Niacin supplementation such as increased delivery of oxygen, fluids and nutrients to all organs especially the brain. These actions enhance brain neuron activity.

Each Capsule Contains:
Niacin (Vitamin B3)  – 100mg
Sodium Ascorbate Pyridoxine – 260mg
(Vitamin B6) – 20mg
Rice Flour – 60mg

Directions and Dosage:
Recommended Daily Dosage (for An Adult):  1 capsule  daily with food as directed by a physician.

Pregnant, lactating women and people with known medical conditions, consult your Health Practitioner. 
Product of Vitacost USA.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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