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Our Organic Coconut Nectar is a delicious alternative to honey, golden and maple syrup. It has a rich, sweet caramel taste and smooth texture making it a great addition to pancakes, marinades and baking. Due to it being minimally processed many of the beneficial vitamins and minerals are retained within the nectar, meaning you are not consuming empty calories typical of most other sweeteners.Coconut Nectar is one of the most sustainable sweeteners in the world as the coconut palm tree does not need to be cut down to produce it. It also has a low G.I of around 35 giving you sustained energy levels throughout the day.

Highly versatile, coconut nectar can be used as a substitute for honey, molasses, sugar, maple and golden syrup.It is a delicious, stand-alone topping for pancakes, ice cream or waffles. Alternatively use as a sweetener in baking or mix into savoury sauces such as marinades or curries.

Store in a cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.

Matakana SuperFoods Coconut Nectar is the concentrated sweet sap of the coconut flower stem.

Coconut nectar is a low G.I alternative to maple syrup, honey and sugar.
Its delicious, sweet, caramel flavour makes it a great addition to pancakes, desserts and baking.


Certified Organic coconut nectar. 

No preservatives or additives.

Product of the Philippines

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