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Nitric oxide has many benefits within the body including supporting healthy vasodilation, heart health and circulation. It also supports:

Brain health
Exercise performance
Healthy blood pressure
Healthy sexual function in males & females

How do the ingredients in NITRO support the natural production of nitric oxide in humans?
There are two main pathways in which nitric oxide is produced naturally in the body:
The first is via L-citrulline,  a non-essential amino acid found in some wholefoods. Once ingested, L-citrulline acts as an L-arginine precursor that is further converted to nitric oxide by a reaction catalyzed by NO synthase.

The second is by consuming foods that contain high levels of nitrate (beetroot juice and noni fruit powders are two of the best sources of nitrates) which are converted to nitric oxide both in the stomach and also via certain bacteria in the oral cavity including the tongue. 
NITRO contains L-citrulline along with high nitrate beetroot and noni-juice powders, so that both pathways are utilised.

To maximize the opportunity to support nitric oxide production via the mouth and salivary glands, take small mouthfuls of the nitro formula (at the recommended daily dose) and swish the juice around your mouth a few times before swallowing (continue to swallow any saliva that is produced afterwards). This allows for maximum exposure of NITRO's ingredients to the bacteria present in the oral cavity which support the process. 

Dosage (Adults): 10g (1 metric Tbsp) per day.
Doses per container: 30
Directions: 1 metric Tbsp in a glass of water morning or evening.
Caution: Store in a cool, dry place. Reseal cap immediately after each use. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 25c. Pregnant or nursing - seek advice from a healthcare professional before consuming.

Active ingredients:
Each daily dose (10g) contains:
Beetroot Juice Powder (certified organic) - 5.2g
L-Citruline Malate - 3.3g
Noni Fruit Powder (certified organic) - 1.5g

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